Dresden Detour

We have one quick post left to make in Germany before we move on. This one is coming from Dresden, a town we hadn’t initially thought of visiting; we ended up making a stop here because it’s located halfway between the cities of Berlin and Prague. We’re very glad we decided to take the time to stay here!

Dresden, with its cobbled streets and Baroque architecture, is a very aesthetically beautiful city. As such, we didn’t do much here apart from wander around and soak in the sights. In this (fairly) short post, we’ll walk you through the main attractions we saw!





Above you’ll see a handful of views of Dresden’s historical district, situated on the banks of the river Elbe. Try to identify which buildings carry over from picture to picture! After three days of touring around these buildings, I’d like to say that we’re now experts on which ones are which, but that honestly isn’t the case. It gets a little confusing keeping them all straight.


The outside of Zwinger Palace, a grand old place with a funky name. There’s a paid museum built into one of the wings, but wandering the grounds is free.




More Zwinger Palace. Fun Fact: the palace’s name comes from ‘zwinger’, a word designating the empty space between two walls in a fortification. This area is colloquially known as the ‘killing ground’, since that’s where enemy soldiers would generally die upon attacking the fort. The more you know!


The view from atop one of Dresden’s many church towers, which, much like the one in Cologne, could be climbed for a modest fee. The view from this tower wasn’t as spectacular, but it was blessedly free of chain-link fences. The dome-shaped building in the centre of the picture is the Church of Our Lady; there’s a picture of the inside down below.


A cool wall. We’d have read up on the history of the wall and why it looks the way it does, but, you know, everything was in German.



The view from the inside of the Church of Our Lady. Entry was free (yay!) which is probably why it was packed, but it was still well worth it for the amazing architecture. We got a couple of seats and then spent some time soaking in the atmosphere.

Then we left to go eat currywurst and schnitzel.

From its grand architecture to its prominent counterculture to its cheap alcohol, Germany has been a wild ride. But now we’re off to Prague, Czech Republic, and we’ve heard the alcohol is even cheaper there!

Until then!

The Eh Team


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